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Wayne Creel, DVM is a graduate of Auburn University (back in the dark ages). He has lived in Greenville, SC, since 1973 after spending an internship in Tampa, FL. Dr. Creel is licensed to practice medicine in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida.

Presently Dr. Creel splits his time between veterinary medicine and missionary work in different parts of the world.

As an individual interested in advancing his profession he partnered with Dr. Gene Wright from Greer, SC. The two of them started the SC Academy of Large and Small Animal Medicine out of their own pocket. The purpose was to bring the latest in up-to-date medicine to the average practitioners in the field without requiring long distance travel. It was so successful the SC Association of Veterinarians took up the work and it continues under their supervision today.

In the mid-eighties Dr. Creel saw a void in the lack of dental training and partnered with a local human dentist to learn more about dentistry. He then became a part of a larger group of veterinarians throughout the United States, which has now evolved into the Animal Veterinary Dental Society. Dr. Creel has completed postdoctoral training in the Veterinary Dentistry Program at the Animal Dental Training Center of Baltimore, Maryland.

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